ANDALORO S.r.l., Milazzo (ME), Italy - Company operating in the industrial, civil, naval and offshore since 1960
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In the naval sector, our Company performs any kind of protective, corrosion inhibitor and preservation treatment.
Taking advantage of our special equipment and highly skilled workers, even the most delicate surfaces can be treated by means of micro sand-blasting and hydro-blasting and then painted using products that combine aesthetic qualities with long term efficiency.

More Sectors of intervention


The worst enemy of industrial equipment is corrosion. Treat and preserve the surfaces of plants and tanks is our mission.


We operate since decades in the field of anti corrosion of tunnels, viaducts and bridges in both steel and concrete.


Operating on offshore platforms means complying with technical parameters and very high quality standards.


Our equipment and our great experience in the application of corrosion inhibitors applied to the residential buildings sector.

Via Maio Mariano, 78 - 98057 Milazzo (ME) - Italy

Fax: +39 090 9288420

Tel: +39 090 9288497

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